Request for Return of Documents

During the application process, applicants may request a return of submitted documents.​

1. According to Article 11 of the Act on the Fairness of Recruitment Procedures, applicants who are ultimately rejected may request the return of recruitment documents within 180 days after the announcement of final acceptance. However, documents submitted via the homepage or e-mail, documents voluntarily submitted without the Company's request are excluded from the return request, and if the documents submitted are lost due to natural disasters or other reasons for which the Company is not responsible, the obligation to return them is deemed to have been fulfilled.​

2. Once a return request is submitted to the personnel in charge of recruitment by e-mail, we will send the relevant documents to the designated address within 14 days from the date the submission is confirmed.​

3. In principle, we will bear the cost of the return. Please be advised that the requester may bear it in accordance with the relevant laws.​

4. To serve the purpose of responding to such return requests, recruitment documents are kept for 180 days after the final acceptance announcement, and if there is no return request by then, the recruitment documents will be destroyed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act.​

※ Personnel in charge of recruitment :