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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
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Make your business more competitive
by implementing smart work environments
that will boost your productivity.
Our Smart Work Total Solution will help you enhance work productivity. Featuring an open office space,
it encourages creative idea generation and uses co-working tools that are accessible from anywhere at any time.

Smart Office Platform
Digital Workplace
for smart office work.
  • Co-work support tools
    Optimized co-working solutions for videoconferencing, smart boards, beam projectors and monitors, etc.
  • Smart reservations system
    Convenient seating and conference room reservations; an optimized system for the agile organization.
  • Integrated Mobile ONE platform provision​
    Innovate the way you work with ONE unified app: mobile phone, video conference, and data sharing for collaboration. ​
  • Mobile Office
  • Agile-optimized collaboration system
  • Environment optimized for office security

Meet our superior references.

  • LOTTE Corporation

    • Smart reservations system
    • Smart monitor
    • Physical security
    • Fully wireless network environment
  • LOTTE e-Commerce

    • Smart reservations system
    • Smart conference system
    • Physical security
    • Fully wireless network environment
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