IT Services

We provide comprehensive IT services
that are essential for a successful business.


Experience high-quality global outsourcing services at a reasonable price.
At our offshoring center, composed of IT professionals from LOTTE Innovate Vietnam branches, we provide high-quality services at a reasonable price.


Why LOTTE Innovate Offshoring?

  • 인건비 절감·고효율 서비스 집중
    Lower labor costs · focus on high-return services
    By transferring simple tasks to our offshoring team,
    an average cost reduction rate of 40% is expected
  • 트렌드, 기능 신속 반영
    Up-to-date with the latest trends and features
    Our R&D center team makes sure the latest trends
    and improved features are applied
  • 품질 확보·납기 준수
    Quality assurance · On-time delivery
    LOTTE Innovate’s professional IT coordinating eliminates
    the risks from language barrier and quality gap

Reduce your costs with Global Offshoring.

  • Simple, repetitive tasks

    • Preprocessing, handling of large AI data
    • Preprocessing, handling AI Data
    • Image processing in large volumes
    • Routine manual tasks

    단순 반복 업무

  • IT development/ operation

    • Service app/website development
    • System management and maintenance
    • System mgmt. & maintenance
    • System control (monitoring)

    IT 개발/운영

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