Web 3.0

Connecting the New Business World based on
hyper-realistic metaverse content and NFT​


NFT Integrated Services Platform to Give
Customers a New Experience​

Based on the NFT Marketplace & Wallet service, it makes IP digital assets that owned by brand
and even supports marketing using it.

사용자 중심 서비스로 NFT 대중화 및 시장을 선도합니다.

Take a look at Cottonseed's service, which anyone can easily use.​

  • KottonSeed Studio
    • Based on the stability of the listed company and experience across all IT fields, we provide customized NFT consulting services.​​
  • NFT MarketPlace​
    • Easy login and wallet creation have improved usability, and build a user-friendly ecosystem through multi-chain.​ (Supported Networks: Ethereum, Polygon, Klaytn)​​
  • NFT Wallet​​​
    • Through wallet integration APIs, it is easy to apply to existing services and enabling the secure storage, inquire and transfer of various digital assets.​​

Partners for Business Innovation
KottonSeed All-In-One Consulting​

Leverage blockchain technology to strengthen brand IP, expand business areas, and gain differentiated competitiveness.​

기업의 비즈니스 혁신을 위한 파트너 코튼시드 All-In-One 컨설팅

Check out KottonSeed's real-world examples with a
wide range of experiences and capabilities.​


롯데 칠성

Brand NFT

Through brand NFTs for IP promotion purposes, Provide brand-loyal customer acquisition and customer analysis data.​​


롯데 자이언츠

Collectible NFT​

Through collective NFTs using brand IP, ​ Encourage customer engagement and provide a new digital experience.​​

Media Art​

롯데 컬쳐웍스

Artwork NFT​

Through brand collaboration competitions and online and offline exhibitions,​ Support artist creation activities.​

Lotte Medical Foundation GOOD SEED​

코튼시드 스튜디오

Donation NFT​

Through NFTs, Raise donations and encourage continued sponsorship for NFT owners.​​


롯데 물산

Authentication NFT​

Through certificate NFTs that are difficult to forge or falsify,​ increase brand loyalty and provide a permanent ownership experience.​


FC 서울

Membership NFT​

Building brand fandom by providing benefits for customers and a community space to enjoy​​

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