IT Service

We provide comprehensive IT services
that are essential for a successful business.

We provide comprehensive IT services
that are essential for a successful business.

IT Service 메뉴


스마트 비즈니스 스마트 비즈니스

Smart service that combines advanced technology
with system deployment and operation know-how.

  • Global Offshoring
    Global Offshoring
    Offers high-quality IT services at a significantly competitive price, utilizing LOTTE Innovate’s excellent human resources overseas.
  • IT Outsourcing
    IT Outsourcing
    Enhances customer business value by providing services combining 20 years of system construction and operation know-how and cutting-edge DT trends.
  • RPA(Robotic Process Automation)
    RPA(Robotic Process Automation)
    Builds your system with the best experts from RPA consulting to introduction and operation to increase your work productivity.
  • ASP
    Easily uses the solution that your company needs without a huge investment.

클라우드 서비스 클라우드 서비스

Cloud infrastructure featuring reduced cost and optimal service

  • L.Cloud
    Responds flexibly and quickly to rapid environmental changes with a system applicable to all industries such as Smart Factory, Logistics, Retail, etc.
  • CSB (Cloud Service Brokerage)
    CSB (Cloud Service Brokerage)
    Builds various platforms with the latest Multi Cloud technology in the most suitable form for your company.

IT Service 데이터결합사업 IT Service 데이터결합사업

Supports customers' convergent business transformation
with data combination across industries

  • Data Combination
    Data Combination
    Provides IT infrastructure and convergent security services at the global level to discover data business transformation models across industries.