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L.Hopsital(OSC/EMR) 통합의료솔루션/ 처방 전달 시스템 : 1.원무과(접수/수납), 2.의사(진료) , 3.간호사(처치) , 4. 검사실/약국(검사/투약/ 전자의무기록 : 1.진료기록, 2.간호기록, 3.검ㄱ사결과
Futuristic architecture
  • · Consolidation of various hospital information management systems (EMR, OCS, LIS, MIS, etc.) into a single web-based system for improved convenience
  • · XML language-based data processing to improve work efficiency
System integration
  • · Implementation of a single, consolidated DB for convenient data management
  • · Highly efficient system that provides a consistent system for the management of all tasks
Maximum user convenience
  • · Consolidation and detailed searching of medical records
  • · User-tailored systems to realize custom services
Proven business prowess
  • · A trustworthy medical information system representing 20+ years of business experience
  • · Experience implementing systems for 50+ large and national/public hospitals in Korea

A trustworthy solution chosen by 50+ large medical centers and government agencies

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