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Deliver the best customer satisfaction with AI counseling service
Customer inquiry reception can now focus on improving customer center quality services
and customer satisfaction by utilizing AI consultations.

By using a customer-customized answer guide

It is possible to convert voice in real time during a call and provide an optimal response.

Discover the differentiated features of LOTTE INNOVATE AI Counseling Services
  • LOTTE INNOVATE AICC Center-built Service
  • Provides Real-time AI Counseling Service and Counseling Information(Guidebot)
  • Applied a flexible Plug-In(Modular Type) method that can be applied to various solution
  • Systematic consultation type analysis, precise data recognition and learning based on customer center operational know-how


  • Real-time Large-Capacity Voice Recognition Distributed Processing Structure + Enables horizontal capacity expansion
  • Plug-In(Modular Type) flexibility of other system interfaces (Call Infra / Basic System, etc.)

Technical aspect

  • Management of R&D center professional researchers (Deep Learning, Machine Learning Technology)
  • Optimize engine customization for customer domain

Resource Management

  • Optimize infrastructure resource utilization and manage server EoS
  • Including resoucre share control

Operations Management

  • Provide real-time application of Voicebot scenarios
  • Provide integrated operations management tools to manage and operate SOE and each AI solution in an integrated manner

Information Security

  • Designed and developed in compliance with security deliberations
  • 24/365 Security Control : Review Server and DB Access Control Logs, Firewall Control


  • Systematic Awareness Management Framework(Easy to check recognition rates and maintain performance)
From real-time consultation information
recommendation to monitoring,

We introduce the main functions of AI consultation services.

  • Voicebot

    Provide domain-specific AI counseling services
    • • Edit and apply in real time
    • • SIP standard protocol support
    • • Plugin for multiple legacy interworking
  • Guidebot

    Recommend real-time counseling information
    • • NLP Engine → Quick Q&A Delivery
    • • Screen optimization
      (conversation / QA window reduction function)
    • • Replace KMS (keyword search function)
  • SOE

    One-Point Integrated Management System
    • • GUI-based scenario generator
    • • Non-disruptive/real-time scenario reflection
    • • Enable learning and test automation
  • Monitoring and Statistics

    Real-time monitoring of AI platform service status
    • • Customer response with real-time monitoring
    • • Enables real-time channel management and expansion
    • • Provide a variety of statistics
Find out how AI counseling services are actually applied.
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