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Smart Facilities Management

Smart building management
from facilities to energy
One-stop services tailored to your building’s life cycle for effective asset and energy management, in addition to cost savings.
스마스시설관리 : 시설관리(FMS) , 자산관리(AMS) , 건물에너지 관리 , 소형매장 환경 & 에너지관리
  • FMS(Facilities management) Systematic management of building facilities
    Optimized systems to improve the value of your building!
    By consolidating the management processes for fire protection / mechanical / building facilities, you can effectively facilitate maintenance and repairs.
  • AMS(Asset management) Smart solution for viewing assets at a glance
    Manage up to tens of thousands of assets at once!
    RFID technology enables you to quickly input asset name, purchase date and depreciation data, etc. simply by scanning a bar code. This improves speed by 40% and accuracy by at least 30% compared to manual input.
  • BEMS(Building energy management IoT-based energy conservation solutions
    View energy usage stats for your entire building at a glance!
    Accurate analysis of real-time electricity, gas, water and heat usage, suggestion of optimized energy conservation plans, and Cloud-based integrated control for efficient total building management.
  • REMS(Small store environment & energy management) Optimized solution for small retail stores
    Energy management + fine dust solution!
    Effective energy savings through comparative analysis with other establishments, power usage analyses and peak time management, along with ventilation systems that operate automatically when high fine dust levels are detected to maintain a comfortable store environment


  • Facilities management
  • Asset management
  • Building energy management
  • Small store environment & energy management
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