PR Center


  • Symbol Mark

    The symbol mark below visually represents the Lotte Group.

    롯데그룹 심볼마크 롯데그룹 심볼마크
  • Logotypes

    The logotypes below represent the official English and Korean names of LOTTE Innovate.

    롯데이노베이트 로고타입 롯데이노베이트 로고타입
  • Signature

    The signature of LOTTE Innovate is a combination of the company’s official symbol mark and logotype. The symbol mark and logotype may be arranged vertically or horizontally depending on the media being used.

    롯데이노베이트 시그니처 롯데이노베이트 시그니처
  • Color Scheme

    The four main CMYK colors used for the company’s signature are listed below. Other colors that may be used are the Pantone Colors, or RGB colors, as outlined below. There are two types of color schemes that may be used for the company’s official signature: Main Colors and Sub Colors. The main color is LOTTE Red, used primarily for wordmark and background purposes. Sub colors may be used sparingly to give media a more luxurious feel. These colors are limited to champagne gold, silver, or other colors specially designated by the company.

    롯데이노베이트 컬러시스템 롯데이노베이트 컬러시스템
  • Visual Identity (VI)

    The VI system implies 'Open the New World with New Technology of LOTTE Innovate'.  We've built a VI system by shaping a door to the future and derived 120 degrees from hexagons for the utility of IT services. 

    롯데이노베이트 비주얼아이덴티티 롯데이노베이트 비주얼아이덴티티