Sustainable Management

Quality Management

CEO’s Statement of Conviction / Qualifications

  • LOTTE Innovate is a professional service corporation leading the IT world. All employees must actively participate in quality management activities, aimed at achieving customer satisfaction and establishing a culture of quality, by faithfully carrying out the action plan stated below.
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    1. First: The Company shall conduct its business while upholding the fundamental values of society, the requirements of the law and all relevant regulations, and the principles stipulated by the Company.
    2. Second: The Company shall meet the requirements of customers and the quality management system, and take the lead in creating customer value through professionalism.
    3. Third: To ensure the stable supply of products and services, the Company shall establish clear quality objectives along with feasible annual execution plans, and effect sustained improvements to the quality management system.
    4. Fourth: The Company shall preemptively identify and resolve any issues that have the potential to threaten the quality of the products and services furnished to customers, based on an understanding of internal and external circumstances.
  • Qualifications
    ISO 9001, CMMI 자격증 ISO 9001, CMMI 자격증