Sustainable Management

Corporate Social Responsibility


  • We are growing hand-in-hand with the local community through a wide range of regularly scheduled community service activities.

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  • Our CSR value system
    Mission / Purpose
    Sharing experiences to create a world where everyone smiles together.
    Corporate Attributes + Social Value Creation
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      win-win management, etc.
      Persistent concerns about social problems
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      Coding, IT learning,
      cultural activities, etc.
      Education-based interrelationship
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진
      Through CSV collaboration
      with social institutions
      Establishment of Sustainable Social Contribution Model
  • Current status of CSR activities
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      IT Talent Donation

      Specialized ICT Social Contribution Activities Utilizing the IT Capabilities of Employees
      IT Supporters
      · Coding Education for the Underprivileged
      · IT-related Career Counseling
      · Making Books for the Blind
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      CSR-friendly culture

      Establishment of a sound corporate culture through a system such as granting credits to volunteer activities, etc.
      CharLOTTE Community Service
      · Volunteering at Local Children's Centers
      · Support for Daily Necessities for people
      · Protecting Nature Environment
    • 합동 소방훈련 사진 합동 소방훈련 사진

      Value-added collaboration

      Improving social contribution values and quality through collaboration with organizations.
      · Geumcheon-gu Regional Children's Center
      · Geumcheon-gu Office
      · Korean Red Cross
  • Activity Plan
    • IT Supporters
      • Purpose of activities : Granting opportunities for anyone to enjoy equal education and information
      • Supporters : A total of 28 people who completed professional course
      • Benefit and Content
        1 underprivileged children/adolescents : IT coding education, career counseling
        2 Blind : e-books for the blind, Braille booklet production/distribution
        3 Other NGOs : PC donation of love, etc.
    • CharLOTTE Community Service
      • Purpose of activities : Conducting contributions to social values of enterprises under various themes every month
      • Volunteer group member : 41 people (operation, content making, etc.)
      • Benefit and Content
        1 Preliminary Mom Project: Making Love Attachment Dolls
        2 Geumcheon-gu Office : Making Kimchi, Protecting Regional Environment
        3 Local Children's Center : Daycare, Environment Maintenance, and Necessities production/support ※ social contribution activities on every month
  • Participation and activity indicators
    • Scale of social contribution expenditure
      This is a chart comparing the amount spent on social contribution over the three years of 2021, 2022, and 2023.
      • 1.9%
      • 1.0%
      • 0.7%
      • Social contribution expenditure (accumulated)
      • Ratio of expenditure to operating profit
    • Participation rate of executives and employees in social contribution
      This chart shows the percentage of executives and employees who participated in social contribution activities over the three years of 2021, 2022, and 2023.
      • 13.5%
      • 10.3%
      • 11.9%
      • Participation rate (based on regular employment)
    • Average hours of volunteer work for participating executives and employees
      This is a chart showing the average volunteering time of executives and employees who participated in social contribution activities over the three years of 2021, 2022, and 2023.
      • 4.1hours
      • 4.4hours
      • 4.1hours
      • ※ Compared to all employees : 0.6('21), 0.5('22), 0.5('23)
  • Action Plan of Social Contribution​

    Strengthen volunteer content
    Discovery and settlement of new volunteer activities ​
    (13 new volunteer activities)​


    Community Sharing

    Security Blanket, Happy Picture, Flood Recovery

    Donation of IT Talent

    Education of KIOSK, Mentoring, Education of IT, Braille books, etc

    About Environment and Animal

    Removing harmful plants in Anyangcheon, Abandoned Dogs(Cats), Volunteer work at the Seoul National Cemetery, Toy upcycling, etc

    About Social and Culture

    Posting Good Comments, Making Braille books

    Spread of Community Contributions
    Expanding Community Collaboration and Activities
    (In-depth Volunteer Activities)​


    Community-based Representative Volunteer Work

    Happy picture, Education of IT, Removing harmful plants in Anyangcheon, etc

    Participation in Community-led Volunteer Programs

    Regular service rounds/regional proceedings

    Volunteer works in Geumcheon-gu, In-depth courses through Rounds IT Teaching

    Scale operations​
    Expanding Social Contribution Partners​
    (Strengthening benefits through collaboration)​

    2026 ~

    Volunteer work with Partners for Shared growth

    National Cemetery, Making Kimchi, etc

    Spreading the culture of donation in-house

    In-house bazaar