Company Introduction



Present ~ 2015

  • 2023
    • FC Seoul Enters NFT Partnership with LDCC​
    • Certification ISO45001 of Safety and Health Management System​
    • Construct Signal System for the Entire Section of Seoul Metro Line 9​
    • Established Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in Incheon Metropolitan City​
    • LDCC and INNOCEAN, Collaborates With EV Charging Platform Business​
    • Lotte E&C, signed an MOU with SkyPorts for UAM Vertiport Business​
    • Industry-Academic Cooperation MOU signed with "Duy Tân" University of Da Nang, Vietnam​
    • JAC(Joongang Control) Rename to EVSIS
    • Signed a business agreement on K-UAM demonstration project with Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport ​
    • Signed an MOU with 'CRI Middleware', specializing in voice and video recognition
    • Signed an MOU with 'KT Alpha', specializing in digital contents
    • Participated in CES2023 with the theme of Metaverse and EV-Charge
  • 2022
    • Combining alias information with 'Hi-Mart' and 'SK Telecom' ​
    • Establishment of clinical data management system for Konkuk University Hospital​
    • Offered self-driving service in Gangneung City
    • Signed an MOU for data business with AI company Agile Soda
    • ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental Management Systems
    • Signed a business agreement with the Gangwon-do Tourism Foundation
      (Pet application 'Hey Nana')​
    • NFT Business Agreement with Blockchain Specialist 'Hexlant'
    • Signed contract with 'Ohmio' for self-driving shuttle commercialization
    • Launched 'All-iDa', Blockchain based Mobile Identification for employees
    • Acquisition of 'Joongang Control' specializing in EV Charge
    • Signed an MOU with 'Mimic Productions' for Digital Human Technology
    • Signed an MOU with 'EPIC Games Korea' for 'Unreal Engine' based Content Creation
    • Participated in CES2022 with Metaverse Content
  • 2021
    • Signed an MOU with 'MISO Information Technology' for Clinical Big Data 'CDW
    • Signed an MOU with Suncheon City for Green Smart City
    • Launched an Unmanned Retail Store 'DT Lab’
    • Established ESG Committee for sustainable management
    • Awarded 2021 Selection of Best Job Companies by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
    • Acquisition of Vision VR Co., Ltd., specializing in Metaverse and VR
    • Approval as an agency specializing in combining pseudonym information by the Personal Information Protection Committee
    • Obtained South Korea's first temporary driver's license for unmanned self-driving shuttle
    • Constructed 4th data center
    Group Picture at the Ceremony for Self-driving Shuttle in Sejong City
  • 2020
    • Signed an MOU with 'NEMOSYS', a Railroad Safety Management Company
    • Awarded Excellent Fire Safety Buildings in 2020
    • Signed an MOU with 'PINETREE Partners' for Data Analysis
    • Signed an MOU with a Cloud Company 'STARLABS'
    • Promoted Self-driving Shuttles in Sejong Special Self-governing City
    • AWS 300 Certified Acquisition
    • Launched 'LALP Chain', a Blockchain Platform for Enterprises
    • Construction of a Communication Facility for the Airport Railroad
    Group Picture at the Ceremony for Self-driving Shuttle in Sejong City
  • 2019
    • Signed an MOU for Factory OTS with 'CORYS', France
    • Signed an MOU with 'Qualtrics' for Big Data/Experience Mgmt. Solution
    • Opening Ho Chi Minh R&D Center in Vietnam
    • Open an R&D center in Chennai, India
    • Construction of the 4th Data Center(Expected in '20.12)
    • Merged with Hyundai Information Technology
    • Signed smart factory MOU with Siemens PLM Software
  • 2018
    • Launched the smart convenience store platform ‘L-store 24’
    • Listed on the securities market
    • Developed the first blockchain-based quantum password protocol in Korea
    • Received the Grand Prize at the Korea SW Enterprise Awards - (Minister of Science and ICT Award)
  • 2017
    • Physical division and establishment of ‘LOTTE Data Communication Company’ as a new corporate entity
    • Signed MOU with Kakao for the mutual development of messenger and platform businesses
    • Received the ‘Prime Minister’s Award for Equal Employment’
    • Implemented and opened the state-of-the-art smart convenience store IT infrastructure Hand Pay
  • 2016
    • Announced the company’s third revised vision (Design the Future, Enjoy New Experience)
    • Launched the company’s tax refund business
    • Received the Grand Prize in the ‘Corporate Competency Reinforcement’ category at the Korea SW Enterprise Awards (Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award)
    • Launched LOTTE Mobile Gift Certificates
  • 2015
    • Recipient of the ‘Minister of Public Safety and Security Award’ at the Korea Safety Awards
    • Signed MOU with CISCO for cooperation in the cloud business
    • Opened the LOTTE security portal