We build a reliable business environment with optimized convergence security services
with a group of information protection experts.

Security SI


Comprehensive Security
Infrastructure Service
We take your security to the next level by handpay,
access control, and wireless network security.
임상연구관리시스템 절차

Keep your information assets safe
through our reinforced
security infrastructure.

  • Various authentication means
    (vein recognition, credit card, L.point bar code, etc.)
    • · Management of access records using database to enhance security
    • · Combined monitoring of terminals installed at each store to enable instant awareness of anomalies and events
  • Dual authentication system for improved security
    • · Supports various mobile OTP-based authentication options: fingerprint, iris, facial recognition, etc.
    • · Stable system infrastructure through Cloud and server redundancy
  • Security-optimized wireless network environment
    • · At-a-glance management of all wireless network users
    • · Detection of unauthorized APs for a safe network environment
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