Web 3.0

Connecting the New Business World based on
hyper-realistic metaverse content and NFT

LOTTE Metaverse

By creating a digital life aside from reality,
we provide new services of various interests
that are impossible to experience in the real world.


Immersive Reality Metaverse
Realistic, immersive and participatory metaverse platforms based on Web 3.0

초실감형 콘텐츠

Realistic type

Realization 3D realistic virtual space with ultra-high-definition VR shooting/production technology

사용자 반응형 콘텐츠

Immersive type

Maximize immersion by providing a surreal customer experience linked to digital and live action

초고화질 압축기술

Participatory type

Providing UGC based on two-way communication and experiencing customer-participating economic activities

A metaverse world that will completely change our way of life,
Meet new services you can't experience in real life


  • VR store VR store
  • VR shopping VR shopping
  • Model house Model house


  • Virtual concert Virtual concert
  • Festival Festival
  • Fashion show Fashion show

Public Relations/Marketing

  • Marketing/Promotion Marketing/Promotion
  • VR advertisement VR advertisement
  • New product promotion New product promotion
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