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We provide comprehensive IT services
that are essential for a successful business.

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Cloud platform
based Business Solution Application Service Provider
Make your work easier and more efficient.
Integrated message platform

An optimized one-stop corporate solution
for sending messages to customers
Cost-effective Kakao notification
followed by SMS, providing the most cost-effective
messaging service

Marketing cost savings
  • Integrated solution for corporate messaging combining
    Kakao notifications and SMS,
    achieving a 40% to 80% cost savings compared to conventional text messaging
Electronic tax invoice

Service used to issue electronic tax invoices via the internet,
signed using public key certificates and forwarded simultaneously
by email to the National Tax Service to prevent accidental omission

Maximum convenience
  • Easy-to-use, with user-focused UI/UX
  • Check tax invoice processing results in real time
  • Currently used by 14,000+ companies
Electronic contracting
(Electronic Contract Service)

Internet-based electronic contract management service that
replaces conventional manual contract drafting, signing
and management with legally effective electronic signatures
and falsification/forgery prevention measures.

Improved efficiency
  • Single solution for easy management of all contracting processes,
    from contract drafting to signing and management
Distribution SCM

Service ensuring smooth communication in the distribution process,
consisting of EDI document forwarding services for automation
of business between distributors and manufacturers/suppliers,
and additional information for sales and inventory management

Standardization to achieve improved work efficiency
  • Standardization of order, sales and inventory data between distributors and manufacturers
    to facilitate data viewing and allow for the systematic management of supply networks
Cash receipts

Service used to forward cash transaction details
to the National Tax Service immediately following purchases

Service operation without interruption
  • Triple-redundant service line for stable services 365 days a year

Consolidated service to facilitate communication and collaboration
among group employees and executives
(Portal, email, messenger, electronic approvals, mobile, team site)

Smart work and business environment
  • Stable operation, stabilization for customers,
    infrastructure conversion and improvements
  • Optimum compliance with security policies

Our solutions
are used by
more than 20,000 companies
in a range of industries.

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