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We provide comprehensive IT services
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Cloud Service


Experience Cloud services that are optimized
for your business environment.
Implement a range of platforms by employing the latest Multi-Cloud technology in the form that is most suitable for your company.
  • AWS
    • aws partner - Advanced Tier Services
    • aws partner - Digital CX Services Competency
    • aws partner - Amazon EC2 for Windows Server Delivery
    • aws 300 Certified
    • aws partner - Solution Provider
    • aws partner - Public Sector
    • aws partner - Public Sector Solution Provider
  • Consulting
    • Customer needs and As-Is analysis
    • Cloud migration strategy formulation
    • TCO assessment for adoption
  • Implementation
    • Methodology-based systematic architecture configuration
    • Cloud infrastructure implementation and stable migration
    • Service support and cost optimization support
  • Managed
    • Managed service under international service certification systems
    • Service operation status monitoring and reporting
    • Resource optimization, backup and recovery services

A wealth of

  • K Group Cloud migration
    • Total OLTP system migration and infrastructure performance
      Optimization combining Retail & Finance Business
  • Indonesia e-Commerce System
    • Hybrid Cloud environment configuration and billing analysis / monitoring
  • Back Office System Integration for Retail Companies of LOTTE Group
    • E-commerce platform implementation and continuous improvements to unit services
  • Hybrid system implementation for hospital research
    • AWS based high-performance analysis resources & Private research information protection
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