We provide the best medical service with unique information technology and operational know-how
applied to large domestic and foreign hospitals for over 20 years.

Medcial IT


L.CTMS - The perfect solution for clinical trials, from start to end
Manage your clinical trials systematically to enhance the quality of your research.
L.CTMS gives you a convenient way to streamline your research.
임상연구관리시스템 절차
A highly powerful and safe system
for research data utilization

User-based system and interface to realize innovation in digital healthcare

  • User-tailored
    • · Dashboard designed around user convenience to facilitate research insights
    • · View all study phases at a glance
    • · A wealth of features including research status, reports, and notification messages, to provide a user-optimized work solution
  • Powerful security management
    • · Multi-level permissions management for diversified access control
    • · 256-Bit data encryption to maintain top security
    • · Screen capture prevention solution
  • Mobile device-optimized tool
    • · Sync research schedule with Google Calendar
    • · Efficient work handling using mobile devices
  • User experience-based UX
    • · Uses tabs for quick screen switching
    • · Various functions such as Favorites and Open All Screens

A perfect solution for national project research and domestic
overseas clinical trials

  • Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Ministry of Health and Welfare-designated clinical trials
    • Internal national project research and general research projects
  • Catholic Medical Center
    • Research projects at the Catholic University of Korea’s 8 affiliated hospitals
    • Management of research tasks, research budgets, centers and contracts, etc.
  • Seoul Asan Hospital
    • Domestic and overseas clinical studies management
    • Support for multi-national clinical trials
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