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Realize the next-generation CRM through
AI and Big Data Tech with 'AiNSWER' .
Collected data is analyzed using STT/TA tech to provide a new concept of marketing services.

STT/TA Solutions​
Real-time speech-to-text conversion during call

  • Counseling call
  • Customer
  • Counselor
  • STT solution
  • Text
  • TA solution
  • Tasks
  • Counseling APP : Search for customer, Save category, Modify information ... Save
  • Counseling content
  • Check for complaints in category information
  • Create SET for quality assessment

  • STT (Speech to Text)(Real-time)
    • Speech-to-Text conversion
    • Speaker detection, speech speed, metadata
  • TA (Text Analysis) (Every 5 minutes/1 hour)
    • Auto-sorting
    • Keyword/connection analysis
    • Emotion detectio
    • Text summarization
  • QA (counseling quality) (Everyday)
    • Script compliance / QA assessment
    • Script recommendation


  • Self-developed solutions by LOTTE Innovate R&D Center​
  • Real-time text conversion feature
  • Reference from various industries (distribution, service, manufacturing, etc.)​
  • Counseling quality assessment, data analysis (VOC, emotions, etc.) based on know-how in CRM operation
Only found in LOTTE Innovate STT/TA
Check out our differentiated features


  • Structured to allow real-time, distributed processing of mass voice recognition data​
  • Horizontal capacity upgrade is possible
  • Flexible interface for external systems (recording/APP/online Q&A, etc.)


  • Management by experts from R&D Center (deep learning, machine learning)​
  • Engine optimization tailored for client's domain

Resource management

  • Resource utilization and server EoS management
  • Including resource consumption monitoring

Operations management​

  • Visualizing customization using BI tools
  • Sensitive word detection, auto-sorting of counseling category​
  • Summary, service quality/complaint statistics, search, call listening features

Information security​

  • System design/development compliant with security review​
  • 24/365 security monitoring service
  • Server/DB access control log analysis, firewall monitoring


  • Systematic recognition management frame
  • Regular recognition rate check, easy performance maintenance​
customer service becomes more convenient and efficient than ever.
We are working real-time (quasi-real-time) for various clients
with a recognition rate of 91%, total learning time of 2,000 hours.​
VoC 민원 분석​
감성 분석​
트렌드 분석​

Issue monitoring​

  • Real-time text conversion with recognition rate higher than 90%
  • Sensitive word detection and response (sexual harassment, abusive language, etc.)​
  • Real-time call listening

Service trend/complaint management

  • Possible to insert event/service/product name tracking​
  • Possible to collect customer feedback and reaction
  • Phase management according to complaint type/frequency/severity

Synchronization with TA service and APP​

  • Categorization, summarization, chronic complaint identification based on deep learning​
  • Relational keyword, meaning analysis
  • Reduced counseling report-making time upon synchronization with counseling APP

Systematic counseling quality management​

  • Full-scale assessment using 10 indexes from LOTTE Innovate QPI (compliant with Korean Standards Association's standards)​
  • Management of counseling quality fluctuation by team/individual
  • Analysis of weaknesses in terms of hospitality
Check out AiNSWER's real references​
Lotte ON
Lotte ON
Lotte Mart​
Lotte Mart​
Lotte Department Store​
Lotte Department Store
Lotte Global Logistics
Lotte Global Logistics
Product/stock/refund/event inquiries/store connection etc.​
※ Separate *VMS for Lotte Global Logistics,
※ VMS (Voice Message System) : Callback service (voice → text → reply by SMS)
※ VMS (Voice Message System) :
Callback service (voice → text → reply by SMS)
Lotte Duty Free​
Lotte Duty Free
Lotte Chilsung Beverage
Lotte Chilsung Beverage
Lotte E&C
Lotte E&C​
Product/stock/refund/event inquiry/store connection etc.
Sale/subscription/schedule/defect inquiries etc.
Lotte E&C​
Lotte E&C​
Sale/subscription/schedule/defect inquiries etc.
Lotte Members
Lotte Members
Lotte Cinema
Lotte Cinema​
Lotte World
Lotte World
Psnet (7-Eleven Korea)
PS Net (7-Eleven Korea)​
Event/service inquiries etc.
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