Digital Transformation


Transform your business and increase productivity with the latest digital technologies
for the intelligent enterprise.

INWAYIN Consulting

From the Consulting to System Construction & Operation
Provides total consulting services across the enterprise management

Inwayin Consulting Hompage

  • DT 컨설팅
    DT Consulting
    Digital Transformation
    Delivering the Best Digital Transformation
    in line with Industry Trends
  • PI/ISP 컨설팅
    PI/ISP Consulting
    Process Innovation & Information Strategy Planning
    Delivering Process and IT Innocation
    to drive Value and Growth for Enterprise
  • SCM/물류 컨설팅
    SCM/Logistics Consulting
    Supply Chain Management & Logistics
    Establish an Optimal Supply System Synchronization Plan based on actual demand, and Presnet a Logistics 4.0 based Operation Plan in connection with it
  • ERP 컨설팅
    ERP Consulting
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Delivering Process Diagnostics and Consulting,
    PI & SAP deployment services from Expert Consultants
  • 로봇 프로세스 자동화
    Robot Process Automation

    Robots replace a variety of business tasks to achieve efficiency

    RPA Platform Homepage

  • ESG 컨설팅
    ESG Consulting
    Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance
    Define non-financial indicators and Data & Establish ESG Governance to support Sustainable Management of Enterprise
  • CRM 컨설팅
    CRM Consulting
    Customer relationship management
    Derive strategic direction for customer relationship management Provides 360-degree view through the Integrated Platform

Industry-specific INWAYIN Consulting
Services are available.

  • Retail

    Provides a convenient and new experience for customers and a more convenient store management experience for manages.

  • Service

    Provides customized personal consulting services based on customer experience.

  • Food

    Establish the strategy to respond to customer needs for a healthy life.

  • Manufacture/Chemical

    Presenting a direction for sustainable growth and ESG-based strategy.

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