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With advanced ICT experience conveniences in transportation,
environment, housing, and work in urban areas.

Smart Transportation

Self-driving Shuttle
Let us introduce the next generation of environment-friendly transportation,
a level-4 driverless, self-driving shuttle


With Smart Trip Planning, Level 4 autonomy,
our self-driving shuttle guides you to the smart city of the future.

With Smart Trip Planning, Level 4 autonomy, our self-driving shuttle guides you to the smart city of the future.

SAE Level 4 수준의 자율주행

SAE Level 4 Driving Automation

Advanced composite equipment such as 16-channel 3D LiDAR, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, etc. recognizes the surrounding environment to determine threats such as obstacles and possible collisions.

Smart Navigator

Smart Navigator

A high-precision integrated vehicle control system incorporating RTK* technology analyzes the optimal driving route, providing safe and convenient travel services.

* Real-Time Kinematic : real-time position information

미래형 양방향 교통수단

Future-oriented two-way transportation

We present the future of self-driving technology based on C-ITS such as vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication.

With improved technology comes a better future environment.

Local governments,
public institutions

We connect all parts of life, from cities to villages, areas with low transport accessibility, airports, etc.


Distribution, logistics

Check out our new projects incorporating self-driving technology such as last-mile delivery, unmanned store, etc.

유통, 물류

General management

Going beyond taking people from place to place, applications such as robots can take care of simple management tasks for you.

일반 관리

Meet the references.

Urban-Residential Complex linkage service
in Sejong City

세종시 규제자유특구 주거단지 운행

Cultural Tourism linkage service
in Gangneung City

Gangneung City Cultural Tourism system Integration service

5G-based mobile mail logistics demonstration project for Korea Post

우정사업본부 5G 기반 이동형 우편물류 실증사업

Operation of self-driving shuttles for Suncheon City's "NEXPO in Suncheon" Exhibition

일반 관리

Self-driving shuttle service demonstration project for Korea National University of Transportation

한국교통대학교 자율주행셔틀 서비스 실증사업

Safe and convenient self-driving service
in Smart City

Naepo New Town, Chungcheongnam-do Self-driving shuttle operation​

한국교통대학교 자율주행셔틀 서비스 실증사업

Suncheon City International Garden Expo Tourism Linkage Service​

한국교통대학교 자율주행셔틀 서비스 실증사업

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