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Smart Building

Smart Parking

A smart way to run your parking facilities
A solution that integrates automatic license plate recognition,
available parking space info, vehicle location, settlement and other features
that are desired by both parking facility users and management.
로컬 인프라 : 주차 관제, 차량 외관 촬영, 통합 주차 보안, 키오스크(사전 정산기능 옵션) 주차 할인 : 판매시스템 (POS), 사전 인증기, 모바일 주차 서비스

Full range of conveniences in a single solution
LOTTE Innovate’s smart parking solution provides consolidated control, mobile services, and integrated management.
  • 주차관제

    Parking control
    Fast entry/exit through automatic license plate recognition
  • 모바일 서비스

    Mobile service application
    Enabling service use at any time, from anywhere
  • 통합관리 서비스

    Consolidated management service
    Single Cloud-based system that enables the management of multiple facilities
Proven system, with applications both in Korea and overseas

Since introducing this system at key landmarks in Korea, such as department stores, outlets and shopping complexes, we have expanded overseas into countries such as Vietnam.

  • Shopping malls

    - LOTTE Department Store Seoul/Busan

    쇼핑몰 쇼핑몰

  • Skyscraper

    - LOTTE World Tower & Mall

    초고층 빌딩 초고층 빌딩

  • Overseas shopping complexes

    - LOTTE Center Hanoi

    초고층 빌딩 초고층 빌딩

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