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Smart Building

VDI 서비스

Cutting-edge IoT-based system for safer,
more efficient building management
Organic integration and automatic control of various equipment and facilities, enabling efficient management and cost savings.
지능형 빌딩운영 : IoT기반 자동제어, 시설관리 ,피플카운팅 / 융합보안 : 통합 보안관제, 위기재난대응시스템, 지능형 CCTV, 방문고객 관리시스템 / 스마트 오피스 : 클라우드 영상회의 등 스마트 업무공간 , 생체인식 출입통제 / 에너지 관리 : 에너지 관리 시스템, 신재생에너지 활용

Experience the specialized services offered by LOTTE Innovate,
the creator of the IT system employed by
the LOTTE World Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world

System implementation for Korea’s tallest building
Our experience implementing the IBS for the LOTTE World Tower, a 123-story, 555m-tall vertical city of the future,
allows us to furnish cutting-edge solutions in a systematic manner.
20+ years of know-how
Our wealth of experience and professionalism allows us to provide customers with more trustworthy services.
Total Smart city solution
Leading the way in realizing the smart city of the future, we provide integrated services
encompassing buildings, offices, transportation and health care.

The latest examples of state-of-the-art IT System implementation

  • LOTTE World Tower Mall

  • LOTTE R&D Center

  • LOTTE Center Hanoi

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