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LETS (LOTTE Environmental & Energy Total Solution)
provides various environmental management platforms
for global leaders
Response to environmental regulations based on our stable and specialized system secures high work efficiency and resolves potential risks from environmental management.
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    Environmental management status at a glance (Portal)
    Real-time environmental management information
    such as notice, latest news/columns, emission permits
    held, risk level, real-time statistics on greenhouse
    gas emission, task management, annual roadmap, etc. can be seen at a glance.
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    Systematic management of
    business operating standards (Reference information)
    Work efficiency is promoted by systematically
    managing mass data on referential standards such as
    organization management, user management,
    emission facility management, greenhouse gas
    emission calculation management, monitoring management, etc.
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    System-based environmental
    management (Energy report)
    For efficient regulatory response,
    data-oriented corporate environmental policies are
    established and managed through database of
    all data such as MBO (Management By Objective)
    response, ETS (Emissions Trading System) response,
    reduction activity management,
    environmental management administration,
    risk management, and statistical analysis.
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    Integrated trading platform (Emission permit trading)
    Content service for transaction history
    management such as negotiated transactions,
    auctions, *KOC forward transactions and information
    on emission permits held, prediction, analysis are provided.
    *KOC : Korean Offset Credits, certified credits from external activities

Take a look at a real system where LETS solution was implemented.

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